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New Life \ Fresno, CA Maternity Photographer

Child kissing Mom's Belly, Maternity Photos, Fresno Photographer

I often find myself staring at mamas with pregnant bellies and little kids in tow. Even though I have teenagers now, I think back to when I was carrying new life in my tummy. So full of wonder, and excitement. Enjoying the flutter of their little feet and the bounce of their tiny hiccups. Crazy...

Beach Vibes \ Fresno, CA Family Photographer

Beach Photographer, Siblings, Classic White top, Jean Bottom

Every year, my family and I spend time at the beach during the summer. It’s one of our happy places and we are lucky enough to have it only a couple hours away from home. I offer Signature Beach sessions during the summer months (June, July + August) and now have the ability to shoot...

Baby Milestone \ Fresno, Ca Photographer

Baby Photographer, Baby Girl, 6 months old, Sitting, wearing green bow, gazing at light

Do you remember when your baby first pushed themselves up on their tummies? It’s a whole new world for them, and you too. Everything looks different from their perspective. Imagine what their world looks like when they learn to sit on their own, and reach for toys, and crawl, and stand, and walk. So many...