Beach Vibes \ Fresno, CA Family Photographer

Every year, my family and I spend time at the beach during the summer. It’s one of our happy places and we are lucky enough to have it only a couple hours away from home. I offer Signature Beach sessions during the summer months (June, July + August) and now have the ability to shoot year round at the beach. It’s such a great place to document family pictures. I love watching kids can run and play and have fun while I capture their personalities. Family photos can be stressful for you mamas. Planning outfits, praying your kiddos behave, convincing daddy to participate, and then getting everyone ready the day of. I don’t want you to be stressed. I want your family picture day to be fun and relaxed, full of pockets of love that I get to capture on camera. These are the moments I hope you remember for years to come.

These kiddos were a ball of fun. Brother + Sister. Siblings + the family pet, Wyatt, whom they think is mom’s favorite. And the proof is in the lens, they do like each other.

If you’re interested in booking a beach session on the Central Coast (Avila, Shell Beach, Pismo) Contact me!

Stay tuned for 2020 dates!!! I can’t wait to put my toes back in the sand.