Newborn Posing Safety || Fresno, CA Newborn Photographer

As a seasoned photographer, I am very protective over newborn babies and their comfort. There are a lot of “newborn photographers” in the world today. Not all are trained medically, or creatively when it comes to handling your baby. I too was a beginner at one point in my career, and I have learned a lot over the years when it comes to perfecting poses. One thing I guarantee is that I will always make sure your baby is safe AND comfortable. When you are researching photographers for your newborn session, don’t be afraid to ask all the questions. Make sure they have been educated in newborn safety. Understanding a newborn baby’s body physiology is very important when it come to posing them safely.

Here’s an example of a sweet gallery. Notice how baby is comfortable in all the images. Body is softly curled, hands are gently placed on top of each other, and baby is sleeping soundly.

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Baby’s First Birthday // Fresno Baby Photographer

Reserve your Baby’s First Birthday session with the best Fresno Baby Photographer. Baby’s first year is a time of mixed emotions. You’ve successfully made it through baby’s first year!! It’s a time of learning and growing for both baby, and mom and dad. It’s also a time to reflect on just how fleeting childhood is.

During baby’s first birthday cake smash, we begin the session in a nice clean outfit. You are welcome to the client closet to choose one of many curated pieces for your baby, or you’re welcome to bring in something special of your own. This is where we capture baby as they are, whether they are crawling, standing, or already walking on their own, they are free to be themselves.

Next we will introduce a simply frosted white cake that may be adorned with greenery or fresh flowers. While baby is encouraged to smash the cake, not every baby is intrigued. Some baby’s will not be interested at all. Some baby’s may be discouraged from messy fingers, while others will dive in head first. Regardless of how your baby interacts with the cake, I guarantee you will be presented with beautiful imagery.

Following the cake smash, we will get baby into their birthday suit and into a nice warm bubbly bath. For most babies, this is their favorite part of the session.

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