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Fresh 48 Newborn Session ~ Fresno, CA

fresh 48 session, Fresno, big sister kissing baby brother in chair

Do you remember the first few days, or even the week after you brought your new baby home? I don’t. It is all such a blur. The excitement, the fatigue, the visitors coming in and out. It’s no wonder that we often forget the tiny details. With Fresh 48 sessions, you have the opportunity to...

Jacob ~ Fresno Baby Photographer

Baby photographer, baby boy wearing gray knit romper, sitting, smiling, Fresno, Clovis

This boy has my whole heart. He won me over (and so did his mom and dad) at his newborn session. I’ve had the privilege photographing him at every one of his milestones. I love watching you grow Jakey. Keep smiling little dude!

Carson ~ Fresno, CA Newborn Photographer

Newborn boy, wrapped in white, white background, huck Finn pose, Fresno Clovis, photographer

Oh Carson, you are the perfect blessing from love at just the right time. I am so happy that you are here. And I think your family is pretty excited about it too! I cannot wait to watch you grow up little buddy. Click here to see a peek at Carson’s Fresh 48 Lifestyle session

Jax | Fresno, CA Baby Photographer

baby boy, 6 months old, sitter, wearing white linen romper, Fresno baby photographer

It is such an honor, an immense compliment, when you bring your babies and families back to me to document more memories. I first met this darling family during Jax’s newborn session. I was so excited to see how much he has grown and how his little personality has developed in just a few short...