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Fresh 48 Newborn Session ~ Fresno, CA

fresh 48 session, Fresno, big sister kissing baby brother in chair

Do you remember the first few days, or even the week after you brought your new baby home? I don’t. It is all such a blur. The excitement, the fatigue, the visitors coming in and out. It’s no wonder that we often forget the tiny details. With Fresh 48 sessions, you have the opportunity to...

Lily ~ Fresh 48 Photography, Fresno CA

Fresh 48 Photographer, Fresno, Clovis, Newborn, hospital pictures, mom dad holding newborn girl in hospital

Fresh 48 Sessions are by far one of my favorite things to capture. So much emotion. Love. Fear. Joy. Wonder. You name it, you can feel it in the room. Having a baby is such a whirlwind, and Fresh 48 Sessions are a great way to document everything new. New skin, new cries, new love....

Carson ~ Fresh 48 Photographer Fresno, CA

Newborn Lifestyle Photography, Family sitting on bed, big sister kissing baby brother, Fresno, Clovis,

This darling family is near and dear to my heart. I have been capturing their memories for a few years now. Watching the littles grow and seeing their little personalities blossom has been such a blessing. Needless to say, I was so excited for them when I found out they were expecting a new little...