New Friends | Fresno Area Photographer

The best and not so best part of my job is meeting new people.  Believe it or not, I’m kind of a shy person and I still get butterflies when I’m on my way to a session with someone I’ve never met before;  sometimes even with people I know very well.  I guess that means I’m human.  The hubby reminds me that a fear of failing is normal and the only way to tackle it is to face it head on.  Makes sense!  I think that’s why he makes such a great coach!  Anyway, the greatest thing about all this is that I’m not just meeting new people…I’m meeting new friends!  Like these peeps…they are great! I like them.  They are funny.  They are real.  They are positive.  They keep me moving forward.  They make me smile!  Thank you new friends!!!

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