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This is a special post.  These are special kids.  They come from a special family.  Particularly a special mommy.  Sara.  She’s a friend.  We chat at morning drop off. We chat at afternoon pickup.  Our girls are in girl scouts together and have been friends for 3.5 years.  Except for when they’re not friends anymore (for 1 day) because that’s how little girls are 🙂

In August of 2014, Sara was diagnosed with breast cancer.  “What?!?! Why?!?!  Sara?!?! ”  all of these questions and disbelief were followed by tears…lots of them!  She’s a good person, with a good heart; she’s funny, kind, and real…and she has two young kids!!  Life is cruel and unkind sometimes, lots of time, to lots of people.  I don’t get it.  It doesn’t seem fair.  BUT lots of times life is good!  Life is good to Sara!  She has amazing support from friends and family, and after 15 weeks or so of Chemo, she got good news!  She WON!!  Cue more tears…ok lots of tears!  I’m so happy!!  She fought and she fought hard!  At times I’m sure she wanted to give up.  I had a fever last week and thought I was dying…I could only imagine if I was actually fighting to live!  Through this entire journey Sara stayed so positive.  Always worried about how everyone else was doing when everyone else was worrying about her.  You did it Sara!  You fought hard and you won!!!  Life is good!