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What to Wear

What to Wear


It’s that time again…Time to update your family pictures.  Your session is scheduled, hubby’s on board for another year of family pictures and then you realize…WHAT DO I WEAR?  When you start thinking about what to wear, it can be very overwhelming.  Here are a few suggestions for making the perfect family portrait.

1. Color Choice

Don’t be too “matchy”.  Everyone dressed in denim or khaki and white shirts is a very classic look, but let’s spice it up a bit.  Don’t be afraid to step outside of the box! Begin adding balance to your images by choosing neutrals as your base.  Neutral colors are classic, never outdated: Black, White, Gray, Tan, Cream, even Denim.  Pick a base color and add varying shades of that color.  I usually recommend choosing 2-3 colors that add some  “pop”.  For example, tans, creams, and browns with a pop of wine or navy and mustard make for a great Fall palette.  Accessories are a great way to add color to family photos too.

2. Comfort

Rule #1 If you’re not comfortable in it don’t wear it! The way you feel in your clothing will show through in your images.  This is true for the little ones too.  If they are uncomfortable it will show.  I recommend wearing clothes that are fitted to flatter, but not too snug that it hugs your skin.

3. Style

Make sure when choosing your outfits that everyone is in the same “type” of attire.  You don’t want to be in jeans and a t-shirt and then put your child in their Sunday Best.  There are no rules that apply to the style of family pictures.  Your style is your choice.  Dressy. Casual. Fancy.  It all comes down to the “feel” you want from your images and the location you choose.  However, if you wouldn’t normally wear it, don’t wear it for pictures.

4. Details

Please pay attention to the details.  Remember that often times less is more.  However, don’t be afraid to accessorize!  Add texture with hats, scarves, jewelry, and shoes.  All of these can play a part in completing your “look”.   Add layers with shirts and/or jackets.  Instead of a plain t-shirt, add a patterned button down on top.

5. Who said you have to go shopping?

Have you looked in your closet lately?  Start by gathering clothing that you already own!  If you choose blue, grab all shades and tints of blue that you already have , throw in some purples and denim and you’ve got another great palette!  Save your money by utilizing what you have in your closet and adding only a new piece or two.

6. Favorite Vendors


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7. Want more assistance?

Here is a link to my Pinterest What to Wear page for more ideas and inspiration!