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Birkley ~ Fresno, CA Baby Photographer

baby girl sitting in bowl with flowers, smiling at camera, 6 month old, milestone session, fresno, clovis, photographer, one good shot photography

Next to newborn photos, baby milestone photos are my absolute favorite. Especially the 6-8 months phase. Babies are mostly sitting on their own, their little personalities have really developed, and they are so much fun to interact with. I love the giggles as much as I love the inquisitive looks. And this sweet girl was...

Baby Milestones \ Fresno, CA Baby Photographer

3 month old baby girl milestone photos, white romper, floral halo, happy baby, mommy and me, fresno, photographer

I get so many questions about when it’s best to schedule baby’s photos. And the answer varies. Each baby reaches their milestones at different rates. 3, 6, 9, and 12 months are just a guide for scheduling milestone photos. I recommend when baby is pushing up strong on tummy time, sitting unassisted, standing unassisted, and...

Baby Milestone \ Fresno, Ca Photographer

Baby Photographer, Baby Girl, 6 months old, Sitting, wearing green bow, gazing at light

Do you remember when your baby first pushed themselves up on their tummies? It’s a whole new world for them, and you too. Everything looks different from their perspective. Imagine what their world looks like when they learn to sit on their own, and reach for toys, and crawl, and stand, and walk. So many...

Jace ~ Baby Photographer Fresno, CA

Baby Photographer Fresno, 6 month, sitter session, milestone, naked baby on tummy, smiling

I met Jace for the first time at his sitter session. His Auntie and cousins are frequent visitors to the studio and I was super excited to meet this little guy. He was all smiles! From the time he walked into the studio to the time he walked out. He rocked his outfits from the...

Jacob ~ Fresno Baby Photographer

Baby photographer, baby boy wearing gray knit romper, sitting, smiling, Fresno, Clovis

This boy has my whole heart. He won me over (and so did his mom and dad) at his newborn session. I’ve had the privilege photographing him at every one of his milestones. I love watching you grow Jakey. Keep smiling little dude!