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The Salvio Family | Fresno Family Photographer

Family photographer, Fresno, Clovis, Bridge, Fall

Dressed to a “T” every single time.  I always love taking pictures of The Salvio Family.  Mama has a keen sense for fashion and does a great job pulling everything together.  And not to mention, they are all around just a gorgeous family!

The Hawkins Family | Fresno Family Photographer

Family Photography, Fresno, Clovis, CA, Siblings

I first met this amazing family during a “cousin” session 4 years ago.  Maverick was a stoic, chubby little red headed baby that made me work  hard for a smile.  Even after pulling out all my tricks, I don’t think he cracked.  It wasn’t until he was nearly two that I got some genuine smiles...

Jordan 6 Months | Fresno Baby Photographer

Fresno Baby Photographer, One Good Shot Photography, Milestone Session

This sweet baby girl came back for her 6 month milestone session and was absolutely perfect!  Milestone sessions are a great way to capture your baby’s changing features and personality.  There is so much more to take in when they advance from tummy time to sitting on their own.  I recommend milestone sessions be scheduled...