Motherhood || Fresno, CA Photographer

Do you ever reminisce when your children were little and wish you could go back and savor every little moment just one more time? The playful giggles, the tender snuggles. The scrunchy nose and toothless grin. Life moves at such a fast pace. These little moments turn into fleeting memories. Now is the time to document them and make sure they last forever.

Fresno Motherhood Photographer, Mom and Baby playing, lauging, Denim and White clothing, white backdrop, fresno, clovis baby photographer

The annual Motherhood Event at One Good Shot Photography in Fresno, CA is the perfect opportunity to do just that. Come hang out with me as I capture you playing and snuggling on your little ones. It’s a stress free event. Come comfortable in your favorite jeans and white shirt or let’s make it super simple and snuggly with some skin to skin with your baby.

Whatever you choose will be perfect! We’ll spend about 20-30 minutes together in my studio. I’ll guide you through some playful and tender moments with your little ones as I move around you capturing those perfect little details.

You’ll be presented with a 6×6 Heirloom Album including 10 of the sessions best images for you to enjoy time and time again.

It’s the perfect gift for any Mama!


Saturday || April 20, 2024