Maternity Session | What to Expect



First of all, CONGRATULATIONS!  I am honored that you have chosen me to be a part of this momentous time in your life.  Here are few tips on how to prepare and what to expect during your Maternity Session.


  • The maternity closet is available to all of my moms.  From a classy black gown to an intimate lace cover-up, I am positive you will look and feel beautiful.
  • If you’d prefer to bring your own attire…you are welcome to do so. Please let me know so I may plan accordingly.


    • Strapless bra and/or bandeau in nude AND black
    • Thong panties in nude AND black
    • Jeans (button up style) and a white sports bra if you want to incorporate this look into your session
    • Pasty Thongs (great for nude portion) Pasty Thongs
    • Nipple covers (great for nude portion) Nipple Covers
    • Brush/Hairspray/Gel for touch-up if needed
    • Lipstick/Lip Gloss for touch-up if needed
    • And your beautiful belly!!!!!
  • Please press/iron ALL items of clothing prior to you session.
  • Nudity (Studio Only):  Per clients preference.  All parts will be covered and client will be tastefully positioned so as to enhance the body’s natural beauty and curves in its pregnant state.
  • DADS:  Neutral colors.  A nice button down or a crew neck t-shirt is all you need.  Want to get dressy?  Bring a suit.  Feeling good in your own skin?  Take that shirt off!  Skin to skin portraits are beautiful and there is something very romantic about a man’s arms wrapped around his beautiful pregnant wife

Make it a day of beauty… Get your hair done!  Get your makeup done too if you’d like! Here are a few makeup artists I highly recommend. Once your session is confirmed please contact them directly to arrange an appointment.

Hair + Makeup +Tanning– Please contact the stylist for availability

Kristen Nicole

Makeup by Dara

Bay Area Beautiful 

Katherine Woodward 559-707-6863

Lucy @ Tanning Luxe

Afterglow Fresno

*Note* Please note that most on-location sessions do not have bathrooms available for use or changing.  Clients will often change in their car or behind a blanket as necessary.