The Blum Bunch | Fresno, Ca Child Photographer

It’s time for Fall Family pictures and you’re stressed out that your kids aren’t going to behave.  Worried that you won’t have the perfect family picture for your Christmas cards.  Worried that the kids won’t smile or cooperate.  Guess what mamas?  We ALL feel that same way!!  And there’s always going to be the one kid that doesn’t sit with the rest.  The one that runs about.  The one that has his own agenda because that’s how God made him/her.  All it takes is a little time and a little play to get that perfect smile you’re all hoping for.  Trust me!

Here’s a peek into The Blum Family session.  Every year we piggy back the sisters sessions so we can get a group photo of the cousins.  This year, it was Brody’s turn to be the one running about.  I definitely had my work cut out for me, but in the end I won!  Thank you friends for trusting me with your memories!  Love you forever!