When to Schedule

  • Schedule a tentative date based on your expected due date.  I recommend booking your session during your 2nd trimester.  

  • Babies tend to arrive on their own terms, don't worry...please contact me as soon as baby has made his/her debut and we'll adjust your session accordingly

  • Newborn sessions are best when scheduled between 5 and 12 days of life (6-10 days preferred).

  • Parents of baby boys are asked to schedule session prior to circumcision or 4-5 days after the procedure.  The tenderness can make them very uncomfortable during posing.

  • Sessions take place in my home studio.  Please keep in mind babies cannot regulate their temperatures so the studio is kept nice and cozy for their comfort.

Before the Session

  • If mom is breastfeeding, please avoid spicy foods and acidic fruits and juices 48 hours before session.  This can upset baby's tummy and he/she will have a difficult time settling into a deep sleep.

  • A nice warm bath and some play time is great right before the session.

  • Schedule feeding 2-3 hours before session so you can feed them again just before the session begins.  A sleepy baby with a full tummy makes for a cooperative model.

  • Baby should be dressed in loose clothing to prevent marks on the skin.  Button up the front is best.  Anything over the head is sure to wake them!

  • Please bring a pacifier with you even if you don't intend on using one.  Suckling is a babies natural soothing response and it helps them settle.

During the Session

  • Naked babies photograph best. You can see their rolls and wrinkles, and get all of their itty bitty pieces. 

  • I will supply all props, wraps, tiebacks, and bonnets.  If there is something special you'd like to include please let me know.

  • Please specify if you have any color choices or prop requests.

  • Baby is guaranteed to potty during the session.  No worries! All blankets and wraps are washed between sessions.

  • I will take the utmost care and safety in handling and posing your baby. 

  • Session is scheduled for 2 hours but may take longer.  Please remember that baby runs the show.  I will stop to feed, comfort, rock, and just hold baby to make them happy.  I like the last part the best :-)

  • If you would like to incorporate a sibling, you must notify me beforehand.

  • I absolutely LOVE children!!  But please make arrangements to have siblings taken care of during the session.  It can be very disruptive to a sleeping baby when a child is running about.  Also, it's not fair to the younger sibling to make them sit and be quiet during a 2 hour session.

My wish for you is to sit back, relax, and be comfortable.

I will take as long as I need to get that One Good Shot (and lots more)!