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Newborn Session | What to Expect



Congratulations on your new little bundle!!  Thank you so much for the privilege of photographing this important milestone in your life.  I LOVE newborn photography!  It’s a time when you can capture wrinkles and rolls and itty bitty pieces, and make them last a lifetime.  Time with our little ones fleeting and I know you’ll be happy you captured them when they were fresh and new.

When to Schedule

  • It’s never too early to get on my calendar. I recommend contacting me during your 2nd trimester.  I will schedule a tentative date based on your expected due date.  Once baby has made his/her debut, we will adjust the session as necessary. If baby has already arrived, please contact me ASAP and I will do my very best to get you scheduled.
  • Newborn Sessions are best scheduled 7 to 14 days after birth.
  • Parents of baby boys are asked to schedule session prior to circumcision or 2-3 days after the procedure.  The tenderness can make them very uncomfortable during posing.
  • Sessions take place in my cozy studio located in Northwest Fresno.  The studio is kept very warm for your baby’s comfort (approximately 85 degrees).  Please dress yourself accordingly so that you are not uncomfortable during the session, preferably layers.

What to Bring

  • Additional feedings (breast or bottle)
  • Pacifier – The Philips Event Soothie Pacifier is best for nursing mother’s.
  • I have everything else you’ll need for baby

What to Wear

  • I have everything needed for baby
  • MOM – I recommend wearing a dress. Trust me! You’ll feel more feminine and dresses are great at hiding our postpartum tummies. You are welcome to borrow one from the client closet. Please let me know ahead of time. Earthy tones and softer colors are recommended.
  • DAD – Neutral colors preferred. A nice collared button down, short sleeved tee/polo, or henley.
  • SIBLINGS – I have a small client closet 12m-5yr you are welcome to borrow from. Otherwise, I recommend sticking with earthy/neutral tones.
  • No need to worry about shoes, as I ask you to remove them before entering the shooting area

Before the Session

  • Interact with baby as much as possible prior to the session. Talking, cooing, and caressing are just a few ways to stimulate your baby.
  • A nice warm bath just before the session will stimulate baby just enough and help them settle into a good sleep.
  • Please feed baby just before you leave the house.
  • Baby should be dressed in loose clothing to prevent marks on the skin.  Button or zip up the front is best.
  • If mom is breastfeeding, please avoid spicy foods and acidic fruits and juices 48 hours before session.  This can easily upset baby’s tummy and we want him/her to be as comfortable a possible.

During the Session

  • Please refrain from bringing props to your session.  Absence of busy props allows the focus to remain on your beautiful baby.  I will supply any and all blankets, wraps, headbands, and posing props to choose from.  If there is something special or meaningful to your family and you’d like to include it please let me know in advance.
  • I have a curated wardrobe for my new babies. I do not recommend bringing outfits for newborn sessions. They are often too big and bulky for itty bitty babes.
  • Baby is guaranteed to potty during the session.  No worries! All blankets and wraps are washed between sessions.
  • Safety is of utmost importance! I will take care in handling and posing your baby. Your baby will be gently led into poses, never forced.
  • Please allow for 3 hours.  Just a reminder that baby runs the show.  I will stop to feed, comfort, rock, and just snuggle baby to keep them comfortable.  The last part is my favorite 🙂
  • If you would like to incorporate a sibling, you must notify me beforehand.
  • SIBLINGS: Please fill their bellies before they arrive.  Also, please refrain from bribery prior to the session.  You are welcome to bring their favorite treat and we can offer it if necessary.
  • I absolutely LOVE children!!  But please make arrangements to have siblings taken care of after their portion of the session.  It can be very disruptive to a sleeping baby when a child is running about.  Also, it’s not fair to the younger sibling to make them sit and be quiet during a 3 hour session.
  • I have some snacks and coffee available. You are welcome to bring to bring your own if you’d prefer. Feel free to lay down and take a nap too!

After the Session

  • Approximately 1 week after the session you’ll return to the studio for your in person photo reveal
  • We will go through the images together and choose which artwork best suits your family.
  • Approximately 4-6 weeks after your order is placed you will receive your printed products and a download link for your social media mages.

My wish for you is to sit back, relax, and be comfortable. Maybe even take a nap.

I will take as long as I need to get that One Good Shot!