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First Birthday \ Fresno Baby Photographer

First Birthdays are so much fun! And they are bittersweet at the same time. You’ve survived your first year, and so did baby! And then you realize just how much they’ve grown. Time is fleeting and it only goes faster the older you get. First birthdays are a time to capture your sweet babe just...

Baby Milestones \ Fresno, CA Baby Photographer

I get so many questions about when it’s best to schedule baby’s photos. And the answer varies. Each baby reaches their milestones at different rates. 3, 6, 9, and 12 months are just a guide for scheduling milestone photos. I recommend when baby is pushing up strong on tummy time, sitting unassisted, standing unassisted, and...

Newborn Photographer ~ Fresno, CA

Meet Casen and his beautiful baby sister Blakely. Big brother, who was not even two yet, was so sweet with his baby sister. They are definitely going to have a special bond. And miss Blakely was the best sleeper!! I could’ve taken pictures of her all day long.