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Tommy {Two}

Master Tommy turns TWO! I can’t believe this family has been in my life for only a year…In just a short twelve months we’ve come to know each other and love each other; we support each other, we encourage one another,  we “get” each other.  We’re like old friends that have gone months without talking and...

Dominic | First Birthday Boy

Happy Birthday Dominic! This little guy has the sweetest personality.  Happy and smiling, well…except when mom accidentally pokes him…then he lets you know you’re in trouble (picture #3)!  Mom wanted to re-create an image her mom has on her wall of when she was a little girl.  Enjoy the happy in these images! ♥♥♥

First Birthday | Fresno Child Photographer

Meet Dominic It’s his first birthday and he’s happy about it.  Wait…he’s always happy!!!  I so enjoyed working with this little dude and his family.  They were such a pleasure to be around and his happy made me happy.  How could you not smile when you look at this face ?!?!  Try…I know you can feel...