Elowynn | Fresh 48 | Fresno, CA Newborn Photographer

There is nothing I love more, than to be witness to the love at first site that occurs with the birth of a child. The birth of your child. Created with your love. Welcomed into your arms where they will forever feel safe. There is such a rush of emotions during the first couple days after birth. Excitement, fatigue, intense joy, concern, extreme exhaustion, just to name a few. Add on lots of interruptions from hospital staff and excited family members too. It’s no wonder that those first few days have a way of becoming a blur. Let’s freeze those moments in time with a Fresh 48 session. The freshness of their skin, the wonder in their eyes, the grasp of their tiny little fingers. Fresh 48 sessions take place in the hospital shortly after birth or can take place in the comfort of your home. You decide what’s best for you.