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And so it begins…Blog Updates…Something always I wait for until the end of Fall Season, as I don’t want to spoil my clients Christmas cards.  And it is Christmas card season!!!

Also ’tis the season for friends and family, chaos and crazies, and the time to reflect on our own presence. Where have we come from, where are we now, where will we be going?

Who have we lost along the way?  Who have we gained along way?  It’s all important…especially the Who’s and not the What’s.

Life contains all the “feels”.  Good, bad, or indifferent, we are all on this same path of LIFE together.  Cherish it.  Embrace it. Slow down and don’t let it pass you by too quickly.  This is definitely an area of my life I want to work on.  More often than not our days are filled with rushing from one thing to another, always hurried, and sometimes missing those in between moments.  You know…the ones that make a mark on our hearts and souls.  The smiles and “I love you” as we part ways from our children and loved ones.  The warm embrace after a long day away doing our “things”.  The end of day snuggles with your little ones before bed.  Watching over our babies as they sleep soundly after a trying day.  Take the time to really soak it up!! Really look at the ones you love.  God gave them to YOU.  He trusted YOU.  He wanted YOU to love them.

As I revisit all the families I worked with the last few months, I am reminded that family is what matters most.  Get in the picture with your loved ones.  After all, when you are gone, that is all your children will have left.  They won’t care how your hair looked, or if you had makeup on, or if you were in your jammies.  They will just want to see YOU! The one they love the most.

I leave you with this sweet family that is full of smiles and giggles.  Over the next month I will feature all of the families and friends I’ve photographed this season.  Once again…I thank you for trusting me with your most precious memories!!!!

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