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Here we are, mid January, and the start of a brand New Year.  For many of us that means new beginnings and new resolutions.  We resolve to be better people,  we resolve to be more fit and make better choices, we resolve to quit bad habits and create new ones, to give more self love and be more selfless.  Resolutions don’t happen overnight.  I think that is why, come springtime, most of us have pushed our resolutions aside and reverted to our old ways of life.  The comfortable ways of life.  Old habits die hard people.  Many of us…especially me…love our comfort zones.  It’s familiar, it’s what we know, it’s what we love.  Personally, I don’t like change. Change can be uncomfortable, it can be painful.  Just ask anyone who has resolved to go to the gym.  But change can also bring so much to our lives.  Things we never knew before can quickly become our comfort zone.

Think of the New Year, not as a time to fix the old, but as a time to create something new…one day at a time, one habit at a time, one word at a time.  As a great trainer once said “Become obsessed and radical about making baby steps. The slightest improvements that you can SUSTAIN will lead to BIG RESULTS!”  If you think about it, you can apply this to every aspect of your life.  Even the birth of a newborn baby.  It brings change, it’s painful, it’s uncomfortable…but it also brings love, happiness, and a sense of comfort in an all too unfamiliar world.  Here’s to a New Year, and new beginnings…

Meet Kathryn…a sweet little bundle, who is loved by so many. She is a change that has quickly become a familiar place to be.


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