Back to School Mini Session | Fresno, Ca Child Photographer

It’s that time again!  We’re busy soaking up the last days of summer, tackling our back to school shopping lists, and just can’t believe that yet another year has passed us by.  Take a minute to freeze these moments that are coming and going far too quickly.  Always remember how your child looked on the first day of Kindergarten with their toothless smiles all bright eyed and full of excitement as they enter into a whole new world.  Remember their last year of elementary school while they are still young, yet on top of the world.  Cruising through life as cool cats with cool clothes, and maybe not so cool hair.  Embrace their first year of junior high or high school.  For it is within these exact moments that our hearts are filled with joy and sadness.  We are in awe of these beautiful beings that we are raising.  Hoping that we are teaching them life skills and guiding them down a successful path.  And in the same breath, we feel sadness, because it’s all happening too fast.  Another notch cut in the rope.  Another year closer to leaving the nest.  Savor these moments before we let the fly.


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